Chance Loves swimwear was featured in Youngstrs Magazine this Summer! A special Thanks goes to Valerie Torstenson for photographing this great editorial!
This is what Valerie (the photographer) said about the shoot:
“It was such a fantastic day, the sun was out and we really got to enjoy a great Summer day in the Northwest. We shot at two cute beach parks in Bainbridge Island. There was a fort made of beached wood, and another old dock, which was great to jump off of on a hot summer day.
The models Keighly, Olivia, Jaedyn and Ruby were all so Amazing and easy to work with. They had tons of personality and I LOVED that they all got only so well right from the start.  With jumping off logs, hiding in forts and being silly all over the beach we all had a pretty amazing day at the beach in these adorable bikinis by Chance Loves”.


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Featured Models:
Olivia Rose Cavano @bendyliv
Britt McNamee @bnmcnamee
Keighly Vogel @keighly_vogel
Jaedyn Dhaenens @_jaejae23
Photographer: Valerie Torstenson @valluvcreations
Youngsters Magazine @youngstrs  Website:
Swimwear: Chance Loves @chance_loves_swim