Olympic Snowboarding Prospect Jacky Dejo traveled to the Mentawi Islands for some well deserved down time. Of course, she packed a few chance Loves Bikinis ;-}

You may not have heard about this 13 year old Dutch girl yet… but that will more than likely change 3 years from now… Jacky is an avid snowboarder, who’s already preparing for the 2 most important weeks of her life in 2022; The Olympic Games in Beijing.  Since her training is quite demanding, here and there she gets to travel for some well deserved rest.

Jacky loves wearing her Chance Loves bikinis in these destinations, and on her last trip to the Mentawi Islands (off of Indonesia), she shared amazing photos with us.

But first, let’s get to know Jacky:

Jacky Dejo, the Flying Dutch Girl

You’re a Dutch Girl who lives in Spain… Please explain  

When I was 2 years old my parents decided to move to Switzerland where they used to live before. I lived there until I was 7, then we moved to Canada for a year, Indonesia for a year, Norway for 2 years, then back to Austria, and now since last Summer 2018 in Spain. We’ve obviously moved a lot over the last years to find a place to live, but also where I could best combine my sports and school.


You have a lot of great snowboarding images and videos of yourself on your Instagram feed. Are you doing lots of competitions, and are you ranked? 

I have snowboarded since I was 3 years old, and discovered competitions when I was 6. I liked it a lot, especially since there where more girls doing the same thing as me, which made it all really cool. Since a few years I  have competed in the World Rookie Tour and various other competitions. Not too much though; I like to keep the balance and enjoy free riding too. But yes, I´m ranked at the World Rookie and the World Snowboard Tour. Also from next season on, I’ll be ranked in the FIS ranking, as it´s age restricted.

Do you think you could go and compete at the next winter Olympics? Will you be old enough at that point?

Yes , my goal is to compete in Halfpipe in China in 2022 and yes age wise it just fits.

We’re sure you surf as well; is that why you went to the Mentawi Islands in Indonesia recently?

Yes I love surfing too! And yes, that`s correct; I went on a trip to the Mentawai Islands. It’s it is an amazing place 😍 The Mentawi Island Regency is a chain of about seventy islands and islets, approximately 150 kilometres off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia.


You also took some Chance Loves bikinis with you!   Yes, I took my new Chance Loves bikinis there as I was sure they were going to look awesome in the pictures 🙂

Can you tell us a bit more about this trip? It was a Surf trip, but unfortunately the waves were never that big when I was there. We stayed in the Resort of a friend, where we did some filming and photo shoots for myself and the “Awera Resort”. They used the shots for the Resort’s website video. (Go check it out: CLICK HERE) 

It is a true paradise, so peaceful and beautiful as you can see in the pictures.

Mentawi islands

Do you like your Chance Loves bikinis? If yes, why? 

I love them , as said above I was happy to have them before my Surf trip as they are beautiful! I love the colors and the different styles 😍 On top of that, besides the fact that they look so good; they are very comfortable and have a great fit, which is important for a surfer! Until now, most bikinis that fit me well would have childish patterns. A small size women’s bikini might fit, but will not look nice on a teenage girl. So yeah, I love them, and am very happy with them!!


How do you combine school and Sports?

Austria was great to live but there was no beach, and the school gave me a hard time with combining all the travels I had to do for competitions. That’s why we moved to Spain this past Summer.

Any other plans for the remainder of this year?  I’m going on a trip to New Zealand to do some snowboard filming with my friends from Japan. In general I try to fit in my traveling as much as possible during school holidays, but if not possible, I just bring my homework.

Are you home schooled or do you go to a regular school?  I go to a Montessori school in Spain, with high education, but at the same time I can practice and travel at a high level as well.

How many languages do you speak?  6 for now: Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian and Spanish.


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A big THANK YOU to Jacky and her dad Jacques for providing us with all these amazing shots!!!

These are Jacky’s favorite Chance Loves bikinis. Use the code: JACKY25 to reveive 25% off these 4 bikinis.

These are Jacky’s favorite Chance Loves bikinis. Use the code: JACKY25 to reveive 25% off these 4 bikinis.

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