Chance Loves Collab - From Honolulu Hawaii:

Aloha Avila

Moving from California to Australia is not a small undertaking...

….But, in the midst of all this moving stress, on their way to Australia, Avila and her mom decided to make a stop in Honolulu Hawaii, go to the beach, and do a shoot for Chance Loves Swimwear! We assume they didn’t feel like they had enough on their plate already?? LOL!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! If you’re interested in any of the bikinis Avila wore for the shoot, scroll down to the bottom of this page for the special code to take 25% OFF.

Find out a bit more about Avila by reading the interview below, and check out her Instagram HERE.

-How old are you, and where did you grow up?
I am fourteen years old and I grew up in a town called Rocklin in Northern California.

– You just recently moved to Australia. How did that happen, and do you like it?
We moved to Australia because my mom wanted to be closer to her family and my sister is going to university here. I’m not quite sure if I like it or not, I think I have to explore more first.

– Is Australia very different from where you grew up?
Yes, I grew up in the same area with the same people, and I grew very close to them, so leaving and coming to a new continent was very different, but exciting.

– Are you still doing dance and modeling over there?
No, I haven’t decided if I am going to go back to dance yet, but I am thinking of continuing with my modeling career.

Have you seen any kangaroos yet? 
Yes, I went to the local wildlife park and saw lots of kangaroos as well as koalas, emus, wombats and even a Tasmanian devil. There was one friendly kangaroo her name was Lucy and she was so cute!!

Any big spiders? (I remember seeing a ton of the biggest spiders I’d ever seen).
Oh my, yes!! My sister and I were sitting on the couch, and a giant black spider was crawling between us! We both jumped up screaming, but then my mom caught it and everything was okay again.

– Have you taken on any new hobbies since you’ve moved to Australia?
Not yet, but I have taken an interest in Newcomb ball, which is just like volleyball but instead of hitting the ball, you catch it.

Do you miss America?
Yes, I really do. I miss my friends and seeing their faces at school everyday the most. I think moving away to a new place is very difficult and exciting at the same time.

-What are some Australian slang words you have encountered ?
There are actually a lot more than I thought there would be, but I’ll just name a few. When they can’t be bothered to do something, they say they can’t be stuffed. Also, they call flip flops thongs, erasers rubbers, and call the trunk of a car the boot.

– Where were all these photos taken?     
So we took these photos on our way to Australia, we had two flights: one to Hawaii and then one to from there to Australia. We took them in Honolulu at the beach.

– Can you tell a bit more about the shoot?
When we started shooting, it was a little bit chilly, but not super cold. A storm actually starting coming in, and it got colder, funny it was only raining on one side of the island! Also I had a really sore throat during the shoot, I found out later it was tonsillitis, I hope I never get that again it is miserable!!

Smiling Avila standing against a wall in Honolulu Hawaii in her Chance Loves Bikini

– How do you like Chance Loves Swimwear?  😉
Personally, I love Chance Loves Swimwear. It is a good mix between child swimsuits and adult swimsuits. Also, they are wearable and have many different options for any body type of style preference. I didn’t get a chance to wear my swimsuits as much because we came to Sydney at the end of the summer.

– Would you recommend it to any of your friends? 
Yes, for sure. Since my friends like the beach, cute swimsuits are a must have.

A HUGE Thank You to Avila and her mom Alexandra.
Please follow Avila on Instagram, and Alexandra’s Photography on Instragram
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