Watch out for Alexa… We had the chance to work with this wonderful girl, who’s an up and coming model and blogger. Her blog: is for sure a “must follow” for every Tween and Teen girl who want to know about all the new styles in fashion and where to buy it.

Alexa was one of the 4 winners of the Chance Loves Model Contest. Our shoot took place last February, and even though it was a sunny day, it was let’s say “a bit chilly”… Alexa however, the pro in every which way, kept on smiling and made us believe that it was 80 degrees out.

Please read below about all the fun things Alexa has been up to, how she started her blog, her modeling career,  and her future plans.

– Tell us in 5 words; who is Alexa Ponciano?

outgoing, caring, full of life, motivated, and determined.

Please elaborate on 1 of the 5 things you wrote down

I’m very outgoing, I love meeting new people, making new friends, and I’m a very social person. I in general love talking and hanging out with other people.

– When and how did you start modeling, what do you love about it and what are some of your best modeling jobs?

My first modeling job was 3 years ago in LA with an upcoming photographer. It was at this beautiful ranch with another model.  It was the first time I had my hair and makeup done by a professional and I got to wear the most beautiful pieces. She submitted the photos to Babiekins magazine and they were published. This is when my love for modeling began.

I loved working with Chance Loves Swim because they were a laid back, fun and a cool bunch of girls. My favorite season is summer so I got to check out all the newest bathing suits before they came out.  That was fun!

-Have you been in any commercials, movies or tv-shows?
I’ve been in a few commercials, short films, and I’m currently working with a talented group, Guerilla Wanderers on a webseries called Doucheaholics.  The series just won a Top Award for Best Entertainment from 2017 AVA Digital Awards.

– We noticed you have a blog called It’s a great looking blog and you keep it updated very often!

Yes! I love posting blogs and try to update on weekly basis.

Please tell us more about it; when and why did you start it

I started it the beginning of 2017 and thought it would be fun to reach out to people all over the world and show them that as a teen you can dress stylish yet be appropriate.

– What’s your goal to accomplish with the blog?

I’d like to continue to write about my fashion experiences and inspire others all around the world. I would also love to continue to hear back from those reading my blog to share their fashion ideas and get inspired by them as well.  I’d love for to be well known and for me to be a successful fashion blogger.

– Where do you get all the clothes, shoes and accessories you’re modeling and promoting?

I get them from small boutiques, I love to shop on Instagram and larger retail stores like Forever 21 and Nordstrom.

– Is this a true passion project?

It is! Its something I’m passionate about and right now I’m having a lot of fun being creative with it and trying new things. I love styling pieces and showing that teens can be stylish and dress their age.

– Do you think you’d like to go to design school eventually and talk about your own line of clothing?

I would love to. I really want to showcase my personal style and have pieces that are just perfect for everyone.

-You also have a lot of followers on your Instagram account @alexa_librababy. When did you start the IG and how often do you update with new photos?

I started this account about 2 years ago and I try to post once a day.

– Have you ever traveled outside of the US? If so, where to and did you love it? Was it for work or vacation?

I’ve never been outside the US but hopefully one day soon.
– If you could pick one place in the world you’d love to go to, where would it be?

I would love to travel to Portugal one day.  I’m Portuguese and would love to learn more about my culture.

– Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself being a successful business woman chasing her dreams and achieving her goals. I would love to live in New York and have my own apartment and travel the world.
-You worked for Chance Loves Swim when you were 1 of 4 girls who won our modeling contest. It was freezing and very windy on the day of the shoot, yet you were a trooper and worked it like a professional. Have you ever been that cold during a shoot?

I have, I was in New York in February of 2015 and thought I was going to freeze to death. However people don’t realize some of the best photo shoots have been on the coldest and windiest days, just like the one we did together!


– How did you like working with the other girls?

I loved it, the girls were so much fun, full of energy and such a blast to get to know. I also love that we can now be friends on IG and follow and support each others journey.
– Did you like the bikinis, and which ones are your favorites?
I didn’t like them… I loved them! They are all so unique, colorful and fun with so much personality, and there is one for everyone. My favorite is by far the Aztec suit because I love the color and print. It has so much personality, it’s so unique!

-Please finish these sentences:

Favorite person(s) in the whole world is/are… My mom and Kendall Jenner.
I love to listen to…. Pop and hip hop.
Season of the year I love the most is….. Summer
My favorite movie is…. The fault in Our Stars
I can’t live without…. Family and friends
Favorite food….Pizza
Favorite cheat food…. A nice burger with French fries and a chocolate milkshake.
I have a crush on… Brandon Flynn (Justin) from 13 reasons why
My favorite male actor is… Brandon Flynn
My favorite female actor…. Leighton Meester
My favorite designer is… Chanel
My favorite swimwear brand is… Of course the one and only Chance Loves!

Thank you Alexa for the great answers to this interview! Keep on inspiring us!!

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Interview conducted by Anna Simone and Chance Elle Colette

Alexa wore:

Moss Point Bikini, Ancient Aztec Bikini, Zig&Zag Bikini, Costa Flora, the Beach Girl Top, and the Chenoa Blouse

All Clothing can be found here: