We’re beyond excited to have Chance Loves Swim be featured in JR Model Magazine’s Summer edition! Please see below the Interview and additional images, including some behind the scenes shots of our models Sarah, Ruby and Chance.

On a sunny day in May of 2016, Chanel and her mom Anna Simone set out to look for a couple of Summer Bikinis. What happened next would define their future. Anna, a well established photographer shooting fashion editorials and creating company’s ads, and Chanel, a young girl, great student and with hopes of becoming a professional beach volleyball player, decided it was time to give young girls a much better bikini selection than there ever had been before.

Why was it so tough to find something cute, yet not too young and silly, or too skimpy? We set out to change that, and “Chance Loves” was born…

Our interview is with Anna Simone, the photographer and co-owner of Chance Loves Swimwear.

Tell us about the company name, why Chance Loves?

“Chance” (Chanel’s nickname) always knew what she wanted and loved. As a mother I was always amazed by her ability to make choices and decisions from a very early age on. Chanel had done some modeling when she was about 4 years old, but decided after a few jobs that it wasn’t for her, mainly because of all the driving that was involved. At age 10 though she started getting interested again, however at that point I had become too busy with photography work to drive her around to auditions all the time, especially since we live about 2 hours from Los Angeles. What if she could have an Instagram account and companies could just find her that way? It was going to be about what “she loved” and use Social Media as a platform for her, and the companies she would work with. Soon after starting that IG account, we came up with the bikini idea, and since she would model them, why not just keep it the same name- It’s all about what “Chance Loves”.

How much is Chance involved with the designing and running of the company?

She’s very involved with the design. Prints are very important to her, and since she’s always been very artistic, she knows right away if something is going to look great, or not so great. To have that ability to be so decisive and secure in knowing what you want, is an important help to me. As much as I know from my background in fashion and photography, I’m not a young girl anymore, so it’s wonderful to have my partner helping me with the designs and prints.

Chance loves modeling the suits, but seems to like the behind the scenes production even more; the styling, who wears what, showing the models what to do, etc.

You did this particular shoot for JR.Magazine at a ranch! Why?

For an editorial piece you always have to think a bit outside of the box. The tricky thing with swimwear is, that it has to be in the right location. If you shoot bikinis in a place where it doesn’t make sense, it can easily look silly and wrong. However, I’m always up for a challenge, especially when shooting for a magazine. I’ve always been drawn to horse ranches and the equestrian look. When Ruby Lightfoot’s mother initially offered to do a shoot at the pool at their ranch, I immediately was more interested in the ranch versus the pool. How could I make this work where it wouldn’t look out of place? Styling was going to be very important, the right make up and hair, and having the right models who would feel comfortable with horses. Sarah Assuma with whom I had worked with before was going to be perfect, as well as Ruby Lightfoot, as the horses were hers. Chance had just learned to ride horses a year prior, so that worked out well too.

Tell us a bit more about the shoot;

When I started this venture, there were some important people that helped from the beginning. Amie Johnson, a great hair and make up artist was one of these people. She also loved the challenge of this editorial shoot, and decided to make the girls’ eyebrows a bit darker, and really wanted to let the girl’s eyes “speak”. However, we both believe that you should never go over the top with young girls and make things too dramatic, it’d be best to leave the hair fairly natural. All girls have great hair, so it was best to keep it nice and full. Ruby and Sarah are very familiar with horses- and riding them, so I really wanted to show the relation they have with these amazing animals, as well show how fashionable it can all look to combine all these elements. The girls immediately started having a great time with each other, which always helps bring out a great energy. In between the shots they would all head over to the swings and trampoline, and Ruby’s mom constantly kept bringing us refreshments, while Ruby’s dad helped getting the horses ready so they could look their absolute best for the shoot.

Everything fell into place, where “combining the swimsuits on young girls at a horse ranch” just worked. I’m personally very pleased with the outcome.

Where do you see Chance Loves Swimwear go from here?

So far it’s been an amazing ride. We’ve learned so much, and are continuing to learn so much more. Our goal was to just have fun, build something up, and something that would give us the ability to travel. We’ve done all of that in just a little over a year. The line is being sold in many places and online, and we just got back from Vietnam where we shot the 2018 campaign. This is all something I could only dream about, but it shows that if you put in the work (up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week), believe in yourself and draw from all the experiences you’ve accumulated, it could happen.

A special thanks goes to all the girls and moms we’ve worked with. It takes a village, and without the help this wouldn’t have gone this way, this fast. We have deep appreciation for all the kindness, and therefore another thing we’re working on is “Chance Loves Giving Back”. It’s a charity tied to the company, and we’re hoping to give back more and more to children in need, Ocean charities and clean Ocean awareness in the years to come.

Website: www.chanceloves.com

Instagram: @chanceloves

Photographer and Styling:  Anna Simone @annasimonephoto

Models: Chanel Elle Colette @chancecolette

    Sarah Assuma   @sarah.assuma.official

    Ruby Lightfoot  @rubylightfoot

Make Up and Hair: Amie Johnson  @amiethestar

With special thanks to Barbara Lightfoot for offering the amazing location and being a great host: @barblightfoot  Ranch: @Lightfootranch

Bikinis worn in this editorial:
Blue Lagoon, Pink Sugar Beach, Blue Currents, Mayan Black, Moss Point, Costa Flora, Ancient Aztec