As Chance Loves is getting discovered all over the country, photographers love the opportunity to do fun shoots with our swimwear! One of these great photographers is Nathan Blaney, who’s based out of New Jersey. He shared these awesome images with us, which were shot in 3 separate locations on the East Coast. Nathan beautifully captured all the girls having such a blast, which is exactly what Chance loves !!! 😉  😉 We asked Nathan a few questions:
Whats your favorite place to shoot?
As much as I love NYC and all that it has to offer for locations, there’s nothing like a great beach. I’ve had some awesome shoots in Miami, Hawaii, Mexico and the Virgin Islands but I’ve also had a great time shooting in isolated, rocky beaches in New England too!
What makes a great photograph?
Everyone has their own ideas about this, but if we’re thinking specifically about fashion or portraits, I think its essential that the photo tell a bit of a story. Or at least prompt the viewer to consider what the story is – what’s the model doing/thinking/etc. In MY work, I also like to keep the images as timeless as I can – nothing in the shots that’s too dated if possible. I also really like to separate my subject from the background and make them “pop”.
Does a lot of planning go into your shoots?
Generally, yes. I’m a planner. I always have a backup plan for my backup plan! But I’m not afraid to roll with something spontaneous if looks good or feels right. Sometimes even the shots I take as an afterthought end up being the best ones or the ones the client likes the most. 
Do you only photograph kids?
Ha…. yes and no!  Its not that I don’t photograph adults, its just that I’m rarely asked to!  Over the years, my subject matter has varied but like anything else, you often just settle into a niche and kids fashion and portraiture is where I’ve landed. I’m very happy with that and I think my other “real” job complements my photography and vice versa. When I’m not behind the camera, I teach elementary and middle school art… so in both settings I work with kids. Its a great pairing of occupations!
Do you do a lot of editing/retouching on your photos?
No, I don’t do much to my photos at all. I don’t really enjoy editing and retouching, so there’s that – but I also try to produce images the way I want them IN the camera so I have basically final versions when I’m done with a shoot. When I do edit or retouch, I don’t go beyond things I would have done in the darkroom when I was still shooting film on a regular basis. There’s certainly nothing wrong with editing, but I DO cringe when I see overly smooth, waxy and plastic looking skin on a model (particularly kids) or other formulaic techniques used. 

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