Chance Loves models Sarah Assuma and Tiara Bates had a blast with each other in Australia! See below the images and interview we had with Sarah. Click Here to go to Part 1 with Tiara’s interview.
Why did you and your family decide to travel to Australia last July?
I went to Australia because my brother had the opportunity to play soccer for a whole month with his team, however there was modeling jobs and other stuff available to me as well as a fun family vacation.

How did you like doing a shoot with Tiara?
My thought on shooting with Tiara for Chance Love’s Swim was excited mostly because its quite fun to shoot with someone new and I just loved her, we were like the same person, we had so much in common.

Tell us a bit more about the shoots
First I shot in Sydney with Tiara, and believe it or not, while California is in summer, Australia is in winter, so it was like 60 degrees and windy! All in all, I loved it because winter is my favorite season.
The second location was at a Skate Park which was actually just down the street from the beach.

What else did you do together, did you get to just hang out a bit as well?
Tiara and I spent the rest of the day together to hang out aside from the modeling and being kids together. She took me to an interesting Mexican Cantina that I loved and she introduced me to her favorite frozen yogurt place. I love her so much and hope to shoot with her again sometime.

A Special THANK YOU to

Sarah Assumma @sarah.assuma.official

Tiara Bates @tiarabates

and Anita Jane @anitajanephotography for capturing all these great pictures!

Sarah and Tiara both wore the Zig & Zag Bikini