When Chance Loves Ambassador and model Tiara Bates found out that CL model Sara Assumah was coming to Australia, she arranged a meeting and a shoot! How cool is that!?? These 2 girls from 2 worlds apart had Chance Loves in common, and became great friends. We of course had to get to the bottom of how it all happened, so we asked Tiara and Sarah some questions… You can read Tiara’s interview below, and for Sarah’s interview together with the Sand dune images, CLICK HERE.
How did you get to shoot with each other?

Sarah and I are both Chance Loves Models and Influencers on Instagram. Sarah is from California and posted a pic on instagram announcing that she was coming to Australia. I thought it would be super fun to meet one another so, I direct messaged Sarah through Instagram and together with Anna’s guidance organised to meet each other and shoot for Chance Loves Swimwear.

First impressions?
My first impression of Sarah and her family was their sweet nature, so caring and super chill. I was anxious to meet them at first because you know… stranger danger, right?! (but of course we had the mutual friend of Anna) Straight away you could tell that Sarah and her family were the most genuine people.

Favorite memory?
I have so many favorite memories with Sarah. One of my favorites is that I had left over fake tan on from a couple weeks before the shoot. I was so patchy and Sarah thought it was eczema. Then it turned into this funny inside joke about washing off my eczema and the way we pronounced it. Another favourite memory was of Sarah and her mum trying some Australian treats. It was hilarious!

When and where did you girls shoot?
The shoot took place right in the middle of Winter. Which in Australia is the end of June. So, it was quite chilly especially in swimwear! You gotta do what you gotta do!

We went to three different Sydney, Australian locations.
The first location was in one of Australia’s stunning coastal National Parks on a cliff that over-looks the sea. It had such a beautiful view…although it was absolutely freezing and had my nose auditioning for Rudolph in the next Christmas movie. Sarah’s mum brought two massive jackets to wrap around us between each shoot. So grateful she brought them otherwise I would’ve frozen to death. Not to mention the wind! To capture a photo without our hair sticking to our face became our objective for the day!

The second location was at a skate park. When we were shooting at the skate park it was pretty busy so Sarah and I were inspired to start shredding some gnarly moves in the car park. Sarah is actually a great skateboarder in contrast to the goofy over here (me). Sarah was easily going off the kerbs of the footpath (side walk) but then when I tried the skateboard kicked out from underneath me and I had to go running after it! We had so much fun on our skateboards that we took them down to Cronulla along the beach front.

The third location was at Cronulla sand dunes. For almost the whole shoot it was easy to forget you were being photographed because we were just having so much fun rolling and tumbling on the sand dunes, laughing so hard. We could’ve chilled out there for hours.

What was your favorite location?
My favorite location was the sand dunes. For me, this was the highlight of the day! I brought this massive blow up beach ball for Sarah and I to kick around on the sand dune and we’d chase after it, roll on it and kick it to each other. Super fun , athletic but also exhausting!

Who was the photographer for this shoot?
The photographer for this shoot was my mum, Anita. She is so talented! So I started an Instagram page for her. Follow her @anitajanephotography !

How long was the shoot?
The shoot went for about half a day.

If you could change one thing about the day what would you change?
The only thing I’d change was to have more time! Half a day didn’t feel nearly long enough. I would have loved to have shown Sarah and her mom to more of my favorite Sydney spots.

What was your favorite swimsuit of the day?
My favorite swimsuit of the day was the Mexican Fiesta bikini. I loved the bright playful colours.

Thank you Tiara @tiarabates, Sarah @sarah.assumma.official and Anita Jane Photography @anitajanephotography! Chance LOVES and appreciates all that you did.

For this shoot, Tiara wore the “Mexican Fiesta bikini”, and Sarah the “Costa Flora bikini”