When Aria and I met, we had an instant connection. Strange how that happens sometimes, but it did. This girl is FUN!!! Aria has done several shoots with us for CLSwim, so it was about time I did an interview with her for this blog! See her answers below 🙂 XO Chance

– Describe yourself in 5 words
*Weird, Funny, Dancer, Student, High Energy (oh that was 6 words)
– Elaborate on one of the words you chose to describe yourself
*High Energy- I love to know everything about everything and I love to try new things

– What is it about dance you love so much and when did you start?
*I love the energy and emotion of dance and how you can connect without ever saying a word (which is weird since I can never seem to stop talking) Dance is the universal language- did you know that?
– No, I had no idea, but it makes sense! Do you practice every day, and what types of dance can/do you do?
*This year I took a break from team to focus on school but I still dance 6-10 hrs at week. I go to a Art school where dancing is part of my day along with Acting and Singing.

– Besides modeling, do you do any acting or hosting?
*Yes- all the time.. At my school, my conservatory is Musical Theater so I’m an MT geek- like the TV show GLEE only with all the middle school drama.
– What are you most passionate about?
*Giving back through social media and using my voice. I want to encourage others to be involved in supporting a Cause or a Charity

– Do you have siblings?
*Delilah is my little sister- I’m supposed to say how much a adore her…
– Do you have any pets?
*KobeJ is my cat- he’s a rapper and so cool

– Do you have any other hobbies or talents we don’t yet know about?
*Skim boarding lol, Surfing, Skating- pretty much anything that’s the Cali lifestyle
– When did you start your Instagram profile, and do you like being an influencer?
*About a year ago. First it was for my job- modeling and now its about supporting Activism for different causes and charities.
– You must be so busy with everything, how do you do it?
*My Mom- just like everyone else- My Mom rocks- (she told me to say that) lol.
– Is your family supportive?
*Mom, Sister and all my Aunties- my moms friends..We work together- takes a village.

– Would you like to make a career out of all the things you do?
*Public speaking and being on stage and working together as a team are always good things to know in life. I love to perform so something in the entertainment industry might be cool after college- school first- again my mom made me put that in..

– I noticed you’ve become outspoken and an activist about certain things. Can you please elaborate?
*I just figure that there’s more to Instagram than just my face and I’d like to start learning how to use my voice. So why not try to encourage people to support a cause and be passionate about something. Find a way to give back.

– Why did you feel it was so important for you to speak out about this?
*Because I’m lucky enough to have a platform and voice through Instagram, and I want to give back. Some people don’t feel that they have a voice or can speak up. I hope to show them that if I can, then they can too…

– When did you first do a shoot with my mom?
*My very first modeling shoot was with your mom- She’s amazing by the way- she was very patient with me- I had no idea what I was doing but I’m not really shy, so it worked out…
– That’s right, you’re definitely not shy! Anyway, I remember the first shoot we did for Chance Loves Swim. Even though you knew my mom already, I had never met you, but we hit it off right away. You were one of the very first Chance Loves swim models. Are you pretty excited about that? (ha ha, tong in cheek).
*Actually CLS is such a big part of my life- its like part of my home and everything I love about beach and I’m always happy when I shoot cause it like one big playdate on the beach with friends. When I first started working with you it was like working with my long lost twin- You totally get me- you’re weird, funny and very high energy too..

– Yep! That’s me alright! Weird though?? In any case, what is it you like about the swimwear?
*I can do all those thing the Cali life style has to offer- Swim, Surf and Skate and still look cool and comfortable.
– How many Chance Loves bikinis do you have?
*I have them all…and I like to give them as Bday gifts to my GF Squad.
– Anything you’d like to see us do in the future with the line?
*Shorts, Sweats anything for after a day at the beach to chill by the bonfire and eat smores in…

Thank you my friend for the great interview! Stay beautiful and keep speaking out! You will be heard.

XO Chance


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